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Some Examples of Our Work

We are a well-regarded Roofing Contractor with satisfied clients across South-East Louisiana. We do it all, from small-scale installations to more complex installs. Check out some of our latest projects and see what we can do for you today!


Beautiful Fishing Camp

This install was managed by Ken Christensen. Ken is one of our many talented project managers here at the company! This beautiful camp was renewed after we installed an energy efficient roof coating. Ken was also able to secure the homeowners an extended warranty as an added bonus!

A small hidden leak can cause big damage over time

This Project was a surprise to a new home owner. Missed by their inspector and found by the thunderstorm. A waterfall feature inside is never fun!


Full Shingle Roof Replacement 

During hurricane Ida we had a lot of our community hit hard from the storm. We gave our best efforts to getting people back in their homes. We work with insurance and also finance in the event things didn't go your way.

We inspect the whole roof

Throughout the process of getting a roof with us we do multiple inspections on your home. We like to guarantee we don't leave any missed issues! This project had a couple of hiding issues that were fixed for the new roof.

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